Eric Overton, MD (born in Utah, 1980) is a board certified physician and artist. He earned his medical degree in 2013 and completed his residency training in 2017. During his residency training Dr. Overton studied under renowned physician and acupuncturist, Joseph Helms, M.D. in order to gain the skill, knowledge, and certification required to practice medical acupuncture. Dr. Overton's fascination between art and science has catalyzed a perspective that enables him to treat the individual in a thorough and meaningful way. Extrapolating from his artistic philosophy, Dr. Overton embraces process and invites slowness into the patient-physician relationship. This allows him to spend adequate time with his patients, build relationships, and actually understand and identify the barriers the prevent equilibrium and health. Dr. Overton trained in an un-opposed ACGME accredited residency program, which means he was able to train and practice within the full-spectrum of family medicine.