WELL MD Integrative Medical Services

An important distinction that separates a our medical practice from a conventional primary care practice is simply the number of patients. Conventional practices have upwards of 3000 patients and often times more in their practices. With Well MD, you’ll be part of an small practice consisting of less than 300 patients. With this simple difference, the advantages are obvious: more time with your doctor, same day appointments, and thorough integrative medical care including acupuncture treatments. The concept is simple: deliver the best healthcare in the most affordable and effective way possible.



Acupuncture Treatments
Eric Overton, MD is professionally trained and certified in medical acupuncture through the Helms Medical Institute. Dr. Overton offers effective acupuncture treatments to his patients as a vital component of health and well-being. 

Extended and Thorough Visits
Dr. Overton's approach requires time to fully understand the patient and build a therapeutic patient-physician relationship. As a patient you will know you are the priority and you’ll feel the process that is necessary to achieve balance and optimum health. 

Priority Scheduling
Because the physician has reserved his time for a limited number of patients, there will be no “squeezing you in.” As a patient on the retainer based patient panel you will have unprecedented healthcare access and you’ll feel like a priority.  

Urgent Care When You Need It
We address acute injuries when you need it. We love saving our patients unnecessary trips to the emergency room. Just call and we can handle it. 

An Annual Physical
This exam is will be fitted to your personal medical needs. It’s all about you and your specific goals for wellness.

Full Access via Technology
 You’ll be able to reach the physician via phone, e-mail, and text. You may also use our iOS app to communicate with your doctor and track appointments. 

Diagnostics and Procedures
All the standard diagnostic services and clinical procedures you would expect from a conventional medical office are performed in our office.

Discounted products and services provided by Good Medicine Beauty Lab, ODLA Studio, Rev Physical Therapy, and Metagenics. 


  • One Monthly Acupuncture Treatment

  • Trigger Point Injections

  • Minor Surgical Procedures

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Laboratory and Imaging Discounts

  • Pediatric and Well Child Care

  • Geriatric Care

  • Newborn Circumcision

  • Women's Care: Paps, Pelvic & Breast Exams

  • Nexplanon Insertion and Removal *

  • IUD Insertion and Removal *

  • Spider Vein Sclerotherapy *

  • Botox *

  • Acute Injury and Illness Management

  • Chronic Disease Diagnosis and Management

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Workups

  • Preventative Healthcare

  • Annual Wellness Visits

  • Sports Physicals

  • Same-Day Appointments for Urgent Problems

  • Joint Injections

  • Biopsy and Excision of Skin Lesions

  • Incision and Drainage of Abscesses

  • Laceration Repair

  • Coordination of Appropriate Screening Tests

  • Opioid Addiction Treatment